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Donating Blood is a great way to help and serve your community because blood is always needed, but did you know that one donation can save three lives?


The drive will be from 9 am until 3 pm, on Thursday, April 27th.

Walk-ins Welcome

As always, our Blood Drives are open to the public and walk-ins are welcome to donate.  We are located at 1802 Scovill Drive in Clarkesville, Georgia. Registration will be in front of our First Aid Office—please bring a photo ID, as they are required to donate. All donors will receive an ARC T-shirt.


Be sure to eat iron rich foods (red meat, fish, poultry, beans, spinach, iron-fortified cereal, and raisins), drink plenty of non-caffeinated and non-alcoholic fluids, and be sure to get a good night’s rest before donating. We look forward to seeing you Thursday, April 27th!