When you work with Morito Scovill Americas, you’re not just buying a product, you’re gaining a full range of service and support in a collaborative relationship from which all great designs are made. Our commitment to service enables us to maintain long-term customer relationships and encompasses the technical expertise necessary for appropriate product selection.

Our experienced staff of field service technicians and specialists provide support to customers around the world. Our collaboration with customers allows us to recommend the most appropriate fasteners and attaching machines for specific applications. Our service team also provides technical training for operators at customer production facilities.

Equipment professionals at our global headquarters in Clarkesville, Georgia recondition existing equipment and build new machines. Our focus on technical expertise results in tooling and machines that perform to the highest standards.

We have been based in the USA and committed to providing industry leading partnership, service, and expertise since 1802. With the gap rapidly closing between US and foreign production costs, interest in US-based manufacturing and supply chain support is on rise. While some are just beginning to explore reshoring or nearshoring strategies, Morito Scovill Americas (MSA) has continuously supported our partners’ supply chains from our global headquarters in Clarkesville, Georgia, USA.

Research illustrates that partnering with a US-based manufacturer can be advantageous for a number of reasons, and our focus as an industry leading, US-based supplier partner is on increasing our customers’ ease of doing business no matter where they are located around the world. We at MSA believe in supporting our partners with potentially lower transit costs, quicker lead times and less supply chain complexity.

By partnering with us, our customers often experience the following benefits:

  • Minimized costs related to transit time and distance
  • Quicker lead times to improve your inventory control
  • Quicker lead times for smaller volume custom and promotional programs
  • Minimized supply chain complexity
  • Compliance with US regulatory standards that extends to our global facilities
  • Technical service and support in close proximity

In addition, MSA embraces its partnerships with our US-based suppliers. In fact, approximately 95% of MSA suppliers are based in the USA, and with 100% of our brass and steel raw materials domestically sourced and approximately 90% of MSA products manufactured at our global headquarters made with brass components, we at MSA fully understand the benefits of a US-based supply chain.

Morito Scovill Americas offers full service product and tool design with a wide range of capabilities in precision stamping. Our custom stamping staff includes a team of design and manufacturing engineers, skilled tool makers and setters and quality control technicians who combine their expertise to design the most effective and cost-efficient products. We ensure design specifications are met to support various industries including medical, lighting and electronics among others. Examples of products include battery components, diagnostic studs for EKG pads, clips for blood collection bags and fasteners for privacy curtains.

Small component custom stampings can be produced in large volumes from brass, copper, steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Tooling is produced and maintained from tool steel and carbide. We offer progressive, transfer and four slide tooling. Our CAD/CAM capabilities complement our extensive stamping press, coil and wire forming capacity. Wire EDM, computer controlled lathes and laser cutting technology enhance our capabilities to meet your needs.

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