Morito Scovill Americas C.O.R.E.™ Initiative Highlighted in Rivet Magazine

Richard Sanderson, director of sales and marketing, apparel, Americas discusses denim and how With Eco-Friendly Manufacturing, Morito Scovill Americas has Sustainability At Its C.O.R.E. in the June issue of Rivet magazine.

“Sustainability in manufacturing has become a large focus in the denim industry. In 2020, Morito Scovill followed the lead of some of the world’s largest denim brands and launched our eco-friendly initiative, C.O.R.E.™,” says Sanderson. “We work closely with our denim customers to understand and anticipate changes in the marketplace.”

To read the full article click here and flip to pages 88-89.

To learn more about MSA’s eco-friendly manufacturing processes click here.

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