Scovill Fasteners Finds New Success Through Partnership with Durable Fasteners

Clarkesville, GA, June 12, 2018 – Scovill Fasteners is excited to announce our partnership with Durable Fasteners to expand our coverage among brands and retailers in the European market.

Moving forward, Durable Fasteners will represent Scovill Fasteners as its new agent in the United Kingdom and continental Europe. This means that we can continue to provide the excellent level of products, services and partnership that our customers have come to expect, while enhancing how we serve them and the industry.

“This collaboration is a part of our commitment to continuous improvement,” says Brian Moore, VP of Global Apparel Sales at Scovill Fasteners. “We’re excited about this new venture and look forward to achieving the level of success Durable Fasteners is known for in the UK and throughout Europe.”

Durable Fasteners has an established reputation in the apparel industry, representing high-quality companies, including MORITO Japan, to provide efficient and quality service to its clients. The company’s close relationships with buyers, designers, production teams and manufacturers, combined with its experienced team of agents, will help us improve our reach, expertise and workforce.

“The combination of Durable Fasteners’ 20 plus years’ experience in the industry with Scovill’s over 200-year history will allow us to create a truly dynamic partnership,” says Moore. “When a company with a trusted, established reputation joins forces with one that has a long-standing demonstrated history, it’s bound to be exciting and successful. We’re eager to see where this takes us.”

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fasteners that also provides a full range of service and support, we at Scovill Fasteners plan to embrace this relationship — and our brand expansion — with our usual focus on creating deep partnerships and providing unmatched service.

“When you work with Scovill Fasteners, you’re not just buying a product, you’re gaining a full range of service and support in a collaborative relationship from which all great designs are made.”

For more information about this new venture or Scovill Fasteners’ products and services, please connect with us through our Contact Us page.

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