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Morito Scovill Americas has been a proud member of our small rural Habersham community since 1953. On Wednesday, January 17th, MSA welcomed 47 members of Leadership Habersham to tour our facilities.

A part of the Habersham County Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Habersham is a program that identifies potential community leaders and provides them with opportunities to develop leadership and problem-solving skills by going “behind the scenes” to better learn how our community works.

Although participants get traditional leadership training, the focus is on the past, present and future of Habersham County and the systems that make it work. Participants learn about Habersham’s government; social services, civic organizations and community programs; education; healthcare; and Habersham’s legal and political structure. They take field trips to the county’s businesses and industries and get a behind-the-scenes look at these companies. They “see” economic development and create lifetime bonds with fellow participants.

These participants groom themselves for leadership positions in their jobs, the local community and the state. For more information about Habersham County Chamber of Commerce and the Leadership Habersham program, Click here.