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Scovill Fasteners will exhibit in Guadalajara, Mexico on January 17th-20th, 2017 at the annual Intermoda fashion fair, hosted by Internacionales de la Moda. The convention will take place at the Expo Guadalajara located at Av. Mariano Otero 1499, Verde Valle, 44550 Guadalajara, Jal. Mexico.

Visit the Scovill Fastener Booth 4089 to see products such as Scovill’s Duramark® and Mighty Snaps®, Gripper® Infantwear Snap Fasteners, Gripper® Stainless Steel Snap Fasteners. Also visit to see Morito products such as Plastic Snaps, Tapey Snappers, and Hook and Eyes.

For more information about Intermoda and this year’s fashion fair, please visit

To request a quote please visit