Tapey Snapper™

Division 35

Tapey Snapper™ Fabric Tape utilizes plastic snaps that are injection molded into the tape, making it almost impossible to fall out. It can be easily attached with a sewing machine, making it safe and easy to use.

  • Curtain Tapey – Large, oversized plastic snap tape ideal for applications such as hospital curtains or tents.
  • Regular Tapey – Having a firm opening action force, it has been widely used for baby, kids and innerwear.
  • O-Ring Tapey – Flatter and thinner snaps with a stronger opening action force compared to the Regular Tapey.
  • Block Tapey – A hook and loop substitute with no hook surface making it less likely to scratch and damage the fabric. By increasing the number of blocks, it can also be used as a size adjuster.
  • Flat Tapey – Standard opening action force and a lower profile compared to the O-Ring Tapey.

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