Plastic Snaps

Division 66

Some applications require plastic snaps because of their look, feel and non-magnetic properties. Applications like medical gowns, infantwear, rainwear, tote bags and more are accented perfectly with various plastic snaps.

  • KM-80 – Disposable and smooth snaps that are ideal for medical garments and Personal Protective Equipment at hospitals.
  • Plasma Plastic Snaps – Available in a wide range of matte and glossy colors, multiple cap/post sizes and various snap actions, so you can add fun, fashion and functionality to your garments and commodity product lines.
  • Color-Snap® – Ideal for lightweight, disposable and synthetic materials, and are available in many colors.
  • Whipper Snap® – Lightweight, square snap with textured cap. Popular for use in the medical and waste-handling industries.
  • DOT® Durable™ Plastic Snaps – Ideally made for heavy-duty industrial applications.


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