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Scovill was featured in Manufacturing in Focus Magazine discussing the history of the company and fastener fashion throughout the years. We are proud to be featured in this magazine as one of the nation’s leading manufacturing companies.

Article preview:

“Just write denim, and you’ve signed America’s signature. And Scovill, leader of its industry, has played a proud role in the history of denim from the very beginning. For over 200 years, Scovill products have evolved alongside the denim industry, in a tightly woven relationship with global fashion, workwear, and other heavy-duty fabric trends.

In many of the uses for Scovill products, safety is everything. Rigorous testing is paramount for buyers in the boat, military apparel and accessories, and medical devices markets – and especially in high-durability pieces, and even children’s clothing and fashion jeans due to high consumer safety standards…”

Read the full article here