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We have launched our Scovill Fasteners YouTube Channel to the public. It currently consists of 4 videos about the Scovill DOT and Apparel products and brand and 2 Chamber of Commerce videos. The DOT and Scovill Brand video exhibits the durability, strength and performance of the DOT product line that is promised to deliver every time a fastener is created. Our videos also reveal that continuous improvement is key to Scovill Fasteners which we believe is important to ourstomers.

Opening up our YouTube Channel to the public allows current and potential customers to gain more knowledge about Scovill Fasteners and Scovill’s focus on partnership, service and expertise.

Check out our new YouTube Channel, and learn more about how we have remained an industry leader for more than 200 years. Our channel features a collection of 4 videos including our Company Overview- both short and long versions, our Product Line: Apparel Division and our Product Line: DOT® Connect with Strength.

Click here to discover more about Scovill Fasteners- the products and the people.