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On November 12, 2019, Scovill welcomed 16 students from North Georgia Technical College. These students are part of NGTC’s Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Technology program that teaches the technical and professional skills necessary to program and operate advanced machining equipment. Beginning students learn hand-operation techniques before advancing to the use of design software and CNC machines.

Scovill was honored to be a part of these student’s learning journey. They were given a tour of our stamping production plant and explored how manufacturing companies like us utilize both employees and equipment. Scovill is a great place to put these skills to use because we rely on precisely calibrated machines and tooling as well as employee knowledge to manufacture our fasteners.

Thank you to Mr. Shannon Gary and Mr. Derrick Hogan of NGTC’s Machine Technology Program for allowing your students to come visit. Additional thanks to the Habersham County Chamber of Commerce for helping arrange the tour.

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