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Scovill was recently featured in Just Style Magazine discussing the importance of fasteners in overall garment design. They emphasized how “No fashion line will succeed if the fasteners fall off on first wear or during the first wash—no matter how quickly it’s made or put into market.”

With the recent industry shift, apparel manufacturing timelines have been shortened but still expect the same quality results. “It’s in the wake of industry shifts like this, that the final product quality can begin to suffer. When forced to move quickly and be cost-effective, apparel manufacturers often spend much of their time selecting the right fabrics and focusing on fit, textures and sizing. Trim—like buttons, snaps and other fasteners—often become an afterthought.”

This shift causes some fastener manufacturers to cut quality to meet the timeline restrictions. Therefore, to Scovill, “quality is more than just producing a well-made fastener. It also means accomplishing safety, consistency and performance requirements.”

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