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Clarkesville, GA — On Friday, April, 25, 2014, Scovill Fasteners was featured in a special edition of the local newspaper, The Northeast Georgian. The Salute Manufacturing edition of The Northeast Georgian was designed to showcase key businesses within the local Northeast Georgia regional community. This special edition highlights Scovill Fasteners in the paper’s “Saluting Our Existing Industries” section of the insert. Scovill can be found on page 21 in the newspaper publication with the title “Scovill Fasteners provides partnership, service and expertise.”

In addition to Scovill Fasteners’ feature article, VP of Production and Engineering, Michael T. Lowery was quoted by the Habersham Chamber of Commerce in a separate article entitled “Chamber salutes local manufacturers” on page 5. Online access of the special edition is limited to online subscribers only through The Northeast Georgian website.

For more information about The Northeast Georgian, please visit their website by clicking here. To learn more about the Salute Manufacturing edition of the local newspaper publication, call The Northeast Georgian at 706-778-4215.