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Clarkesville, GA, October 1, 2018 – Scovill Fasteners, a leading manufacturer of apparel and light industrial fasteners, officially announced that it has integrated with Morito Co., Ltd., a global supplier of apparel fasteners and other niche manufactured products, to help better serve its global customer markets.

In the US, Kane-M, Inc., a Morito subsidiary, has joined Scovill Fasteners to become Morito Scovill Americas, LLC dba Scovill Fasteners. This merge will expand Scovill Fasteners’ product line offering and availability while continuing to provide customers with the service they expect.

In Asia, Morito and Scovill Fasteners are combining their efforts and strengths under the new name Morito Scovill Hong Kong Company Limited, which will allow the company to provide its customers with enhanced service, broader product lines and continued support of global operations.

“We’re excited to progress to the next level of our relationship with Morito in the US and Asia,” said Craig Stoudt, CEO of Scovill Fasteners. “Combining our strengths has allowed us to focus more on our customers and vendor partners to enhance our dedication and service.”

The integration of Scovill Fasteners with Morito signifies two powerful companies coming together to create a deeper organizational structure that will strengthen their business. This has been, and will continue to be, a smooth operational transition; the company will remain focused on creating new partnerships, supporting established relationships and providing the excellent products and services its customers have come to expect.

“We plan to make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone,” said Stoudt. “We’re committed to continuing to provide high-quality products, partnership, service and expertise, and we look forward to the opportunity to strengthen and expand our relationships throughout the world.”

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About Scovill Fasteners
Scovill Fasteners, founded in 1802 and headquartered in Clarkesville, GA, USA, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of apparel and light industrial fasteners. Scovill offers a full range of service and support from product design to delivery and application in various markets, including Jeanswear, Infantwear, Workwear, Military, Sporting Goods and Marine. Through partnership, service and expertise, Scovill has provided customer-centered solutions for over 200 years. Products and services range from high-performance buttons, zippers, snap fasteners, grommets and washers to attaching machine equipment, custom metal stamping and expert technical support. Scovill’s brand portfolio includes products that have strong recognition such as Gripper®, Duramark® and DOT®. Scovill sales teams, technicians and service specialists are located around the world.
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About Morito Co., Ltd.
Morito Group specializes in three areas of business, including components for footwear and apparel, transportation equipment materials for automobiles and aircrafts and general parts for various consumer products. Morito combines both manufacturing and distribution functions in order to consistently create new value from a global perspective. Morito has actively built an overseas supply chain network and has maintained steady business growth throughout its history. Today, in addition to operating numerous group companies and other entities primarily in Asia, North America, and Europe, Morito has built a global network that includes partnerships with other companies in countries around the world to effectively fulfill the diverse needs of our customers.
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