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Clarkesville, GA — Leadership Habersham, a program dedicated to developing local business leaders, recently visited the Global Headquarters of Scovill Fasteners on Wednesday, April 16. As part of the program, participants often take one-day field trips to businesses to learn about the industries that contribute to the growth and workings of Habersham County located in Northeast Georgia. Through participating in the program, the participants develop themselves for leadership roles within their current positions, local community and state. Each year, only 25 participants are accepted into the program from both for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations. This year, one of Scovill’s very own, April Spiegel, Director of Marketing and Communications Services, was selected to join the 2013-2014 class of Leadership Habersham.

Leadership Habersham focuses on leadership training and familiarizing participants with the local economy in Habersham County, Georgia. The Habersham Chamber of Commerce is in its 23rd year of the Leadership Habersham program. For more information on Leadership Habersham, please visit the Habersham Chamber of Commerce website by clicking here.