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Clarkesville, GA, April 1, 2014 – Scovill’s CEO, Craig Stoudt, was given the opportunity to interview for “Chamber Chat,” a television program hosted by the President of the Habersham Chamber of Commerce Judy Taylor, PhD, and broadcasted by local cable provider Windstream. “Chamber Chat” is designed to provide a platform for the community to learn more about the members of Habersham County’s Chamber of Commerce. The Global Headquarters of Scovill Fasteners is located in Clarkesville, GA, in Habersham County.

The “Chamber Chat” program is scheduled to air five times a week each month showcasing a different episode. This episode of can be viewed on Scovill’s YouTube channel by clicking here. The segment featuring Scovill Fasteners can be found within the first 9 minutes of the episode.

The Habersham Chamber of Commerce is a business organization comprised of over 500 members within the Habersham County community. For more information about the Habersham Chamber of Commerce, please visit