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Standing on the core values of Partnership, Service and Expertise, Morito Scovill Americas announced their newly refreshed logo design on January 2, 2023. “The launch of a new Morito logo in 2022 allowed MSA to take a look at ways to refresh our logo, as well as share the story behind our brand,” says Shane McEntyre, chief sales officer. “We are proud of our past and reputation as a leading supplier of high-performance fasteners.”

We are Morito Scovill Americas. Our history is rich in culture and our depth of knowledge makes us the industry leader around the world. Our future is promising as we continue to build partnerships through operational excellence and customer experience.

With a network spanning across the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe, our relationship with Morito gives us more reach, more products and more options for our customers.

People are the heart of our company and MSA is active and steadfast in our commitment to provide continuous improvement and operational efficiency to our customers and partners.