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Clarkesville, GA (January 7, 2016) – Morito Co., Ltd., Kane-M Inc. and Scovill Fasteners are exhibiting together at Outdoor Retailer Winter 2016. Scovill Fasteners joined the Morito Group in October 2014, and all are working to create greater company synergies to improve customer experience and increase product line offerings.

Morito Co., Ltd’s emphasis on product quality and safety throughout the production process ensures that customer satisfaction is met by the highest product standards. Morito has a variety of fasteners available that include hook and loop, cording, snaps, buckles and other fasteners.

Scovill Fasteners is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of apparel and light industrial fasteners. Scovill offers a full range of service and support to various markets including Jeanswear, Infantwear, Workwear, Military, Sporting Goods and Marine. Fastener selections include buttons, snaps, grommets, washers, turn buttons, one-directional snaps, zippers and more.

Kane-M Inc. was established by Morito to provide fasteners, attaching machines, sewn products and services to the US and neighboring countries.

Visit our redesigned booth at Outdoor Retailer Winter 2016 in Salt Lake City, UT and learn more about our partnership and expanded product offerings. When visiting our booth, be sure to enter to win a mini-tablet. Bring a copy of our ad in the Outdoor Retailer Winter 2016 Source Magazine or one of our e-blasts for 5 additional chances to win. To contact a sales representative to schedule your meeting or to request further information, visit