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Sustainable products now available using the company’s improved eco-friendly C.O.R.E. manufacturing processes.

Clarkesville, Ga., August 10, 2020 – Morito Scovill Americas today announced their focus on sustainability efforts in 2020 and beyond, with the introduction of C.O.R.E. – Committed to Our Resources and Environment. C.O.R.E. is composed of manufacturing methods and products that will greatly reduce the company’s manufacturing impact.

Morito Scovill Americas’ C.O.R.E. manufacturing methods do not utilize finishing processes such as electroplating, sandblasting, color filling and paint baking. By removing these processes, significantly less water and power will be consumed, while also decreasing emissions during production.

“By incorporating and educating customers about our C.O.R.E. manufacturing methods, we hope to meet their sustainability needs and influence their garment design,” said Shane McEntyre, Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Morito Scovill Americas.

Furthering this commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing, Morito Scovill Americas is partnering with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), an organization dedicated to reducing unnecessary environmental harm and impact in the textile industry. The SAC provides several tools to help manufacturers track and improve their sustainability performance, which will continue to guide and improve Morito Scovill Americas’ efforts.

“We welcome the addition of Morito Scovill Americas to the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and look forward to their participation in this industry-wide effort in sustainability,” said Amina Razvi, SAC Executive Director. “Having Morito Scovill Americas as part of the Coalition widens the scope of our impact within the industry and accelerates the change we’re making toward responsible industry actions.”

Prior to 2020, Morito Scovill Americas made several upgrades to its Clarkesville, Ga., manufacturing facility to improve its environmental footprint, including:

  • An in-house Wastewater Treatment Plant to effectively control and properly treat manufacturing wastewater.
  • Counter-Flow Rinse Systems that reduce finish plating water consumption by approximately 50%.
  • An LED lighting retrofit to reduce lighting energy consumption by 68%.
  • Consistent efforts to keep Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) or Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) discharge at less than 10% of the limit.
  • Up to 90% recycled corrugated packaging and up to 80% recycled plastic packaging to ship all products.

Beginning in 2021, the company will extend their sustainability efforts by announcing several new commitments that will provide meaningful improvements for the processes, products and people impacted throughout the supply chain.

Products from Morito Scovill Americas utilizing sustainable C.O.R.E. manufacturing methods are now available. For more information about the company or to request more information about C.O.R.E., please contact or visit

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Morito Scovill Americas provides customers with 330 years of combined expertise from design to delivery. With a presence in over 25 countries, MSA offers a vast supply chain network to provide high-performance fasteners for apparel and industrial applications as well as attaching machine equipment and expert technical support. Believing that great designs deserve great fasteners, MSA is active and steadfast in the commitment to provide continuous improvement and operational efficiency to customers and partners.

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