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With the gap rapidly closing between US and foreign production costs and increased consumer interest in products produced in the US, many companies are beginning to focus their attention on enhancing their supply chains in the US and nearby regions. By bringing the manufacturing of their goods to or near the US and choosing to partner with US-based manufacturers, like Scovill Fasteners, more companies are seeing the effects of greater cost effectiveness through quicker lead times and fewer supply chain complexities.

According to recent research, the US is the most productive country in the world and ranks in the top 5 for ease of doing business. One US-based company that exemplifies these statistics is Scovill Fasteners. With a global headquarters in Clarkesville, Georgia and technical support in the US and abroad, Scovill Fasteners provides customers with the ease of doing business with a partner in close proximity to their facilities. In addition, 95% of Scovill Fasteners’ suppliers are US-based. While some companies are just beginning to explore reshoring or nearshoring strategies, Scovill Fasteners has proudly supported its partners’ supply chains through its US-based facilities for more than 200 years.

By maintaining its global headquarters in the US, Scovill Fasteners is able to provide customers with not only superior products, but also better support for supply chain needs, potentially lower transit costs and quicker lead times as well as strict compliance with all US and EU regulations. Scovill Fasteners works as a partner to support customers in their production of finished goods, whether they need buttons, burrs, snaps, grommets, washers or other fastener solutions. While speculation during past years has been that manufacturing in the US is diminishing, companies like Scovill Fasteners are showing that the US manufacturing sector is producing results and continuously growing.

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