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Clarkesville, GA-  Scovill Fasteners will be hosting a blood drive with the American Red Cross on  Monday, January 20th from 10am-2pm. All of the blood donations will be in honor of Mr. Paul Huskey, Cathy Sigmon’s father. Cathy Sigmon is an Executive Assistant at Scovill, and Mr. Huskey has a blood disorder that prevents his body from making normal blood cells. He will have to receive blood transfusions for the rest of his life.

The American Red Cross will provide a card that will be given to Mr. Paul Huskey. Everyone who donates in his honor will be able to sign the card. In addition to the card, a certificate recognizing the amount of blood collected on January 20th on his behalf will be included after the drive is completed.

Before donating, it is recommended that participants:

  • Eat iron rich foods
  • Drink plenty of non-caffeinated, non-alcohol fluids
  • Get a good night’s rest prior to donating
  • Wear clothing with sleeves that can easily be rolled up above the elbow
  • Bring a list of the medications you are taking

Scovill Fasteners is located at 1802 Scovill Drive in Clarkesville, Georgia. Registration for the blood drive will be in front of the First Aid Office, and your ID is needed to properly register. Family members and walk-ins are always welcome to donate. For more information on the blood drive or to schedule an appointment, contact