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We believe that the following core Values, combined with their supporting Principles, are essential to maintaining and achieving the Morito Scovill Americas Mission and Vision. These Values and Principles provide guidelines by which we will continue to build and enhance a strong, global company.

PEOPLE are the heart of our company.

  • We provide support to and opportunities for employees to reach their full potential.
  • We empower employees to lead, make decisions and give their best.
  • We uphold a safe work environment throughout our global facilities and provide for the training of employees to maintain and perform best practices.

CUSTOMERS are the source of every action we take.

  • We focus on providing an exceptional customer experience.
  • We listen to customer feedback and analyze customer perspective in order to support continuous improvement initiatives.
  • We rely on every employee in every department to think of the customer first.

INTEGRITY is the cornerstone of our organization.

  • We operate with the highest ethical standards to encourage fairness and respect for all stakeholders.
  • We cultivate trust and honesty throughout our organization which extends to our customers, vendors and other partners.
  • We are committed to developing motivated employees that assume responsibility and accountability for their actions in support of company initiatives and communications.

TEAMWORK is the foundation for collaboration.

  • We collaborate internally and externally to develop partnerships and produce the best results.
  • We integrate skill sets and interdepartmental communications to support efficiency and effectiveness of team initiatives.
  • We respect and value the differences of each person’s unique qualities and encourage the sharing of various points of view.

QUALITY drives everything we do.

  • We offer products that pass the most rigorous testing and quality control measures.
  • We provide services and support that are responsive to customer needs and backed by our expertise.
  • We ensure that quality is driven throughout the organization including processes, data analysis and communication.

VIABILITY is achieved through strong business practices.

  • We create and maintain best business practices and operational infrastructures.
  • We generate jobs, profitability, security and the ability to reinvest in our business.
  • We concentrate on efficiency through resourcefulness and flexibility.

ADAPTABILITY allows us to provide effective solutions.

  • We think differently to provide a creative approach to processes, workflow and the future.
  • We embrace change and anticipate market needs and demands to drive long-term strategy.
  • We seek to learn, remain open-minded and embrace continuous improvement.